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Quick Tip: Dry Erase Markers on Window Glass

One thing I miss about working in an office is the ubiquity of whiteboards for jotting a note or fleshing out an idea. If you’ve seen the algorithm scene from The Social Network, you’ll have a hunch that dry erase marker can be used on glass. Fortunately in this case, it actually does work as well as the movies.

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Total pound jottings for yield monitor calibration

Will this come off the glass?

Yes- in my experience, this comes off with no residue or ghosting of the glass. In the spring of 2020 I jotted some common headings for tillage and forgot to erase them until I got back in this tractor in the fall. I was surprised with how easily it still wiped off with a dry paper towel without leaving any residue.

This spent the summer of 2020 on this tractor glass and came off easily in the fall.

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